Dear Pastors and Leaders of Fort Bend County Churches, 

Ministry seems to always revolve around needs, relationships and even timing.  This just may be coming together in Fort Bend County. As you are aware, many business professionals and others are looking for work.  It is not unusual to be in a relatively small group and unemployment or underemployment becomes a topic of discussion. 

In the greater Houston area there are several churches trying to help women and men fine the job they need to use their skills and their gifts.  There is not such a ministry, to our knowledge, in southwest Houston and Fort Bend County.  It may be possible to change that. Doug Thorpe has a vision for helping the unemployed or those in job transition and the energy to make the vision come true.  Doug’s vision is that we can establish and serve through this ministry in our area. 

Please let your people in transition know of this opportunity.  They will benefit from knowing others and from the guidance they will receive. Your invitation to someone who needs to attend may make a great impact at this time in their lives.  It may be that you can host a group of women and men from your congregation to this session.

Doug is working hard to bring a ministry into reality.  It seems evident that Fort Bend County and southwest Houston need this care.

If you have any questions, please let me hear from you.  I support the need for caring for people right here in our community.

John Lockhart


First Baptist Church

Richmond, Texas



 Is your church equipped to minister to people who may be experiencing job loss or career transition?

Your church knows the cost:

  • Job transition is one of the greatest factors in marriage and family difficulties.
  • Job loss effects self-esteem.
  • Job loss impacts church giving.
  • Job loss drives people to become introverted and more unsociable.
  • Job change can push a person into deep depression.
  • Job loss can impact a person’s health condition.

 People going through job loss or job transition need help and support. They need faith-based encouragement and hope. They need a plan. They need resources. They need information. They need a vision for future success and victory during an otherwise discouraging time.

JOBS MINISTRY SOUTHWEST (JMS) was created to meet these needs and provide these answers. Jobs Ministry Southwest is dedicated to helping all job seekers, from entry level to senior executive, better manage their career transitions by presenting a wide variety of programs and services. On a weekly basis we provide our members with General Sessions and various Career Management Groups covering numerous disciplines and industry segments. Workshops and special programs are designed to provide our members with the opportunity to network with other professionals and develop skills to improve themselves and their job change outcome.


·         Christ-centered, non-denominational, non-profit, faith based community organization.

·         Committed to helping people living in and around the greater southwest region of Houston (Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Southwest Houston area, and Richmond/Rosenberg).

·         Offering job search support and confidentiality in a structured, professional setting.

·         About teaching and training for an effective job search or career improvement.

Your church can become a partner in this vital network.

To learn more, please call 281-467-5692

Doug Thorpe

Executive Director